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  1. (Petrobras faced the compulsiveness) [view]
  2. (Petrobras has already) [view]
  3. (PETROBRAS started its prospects) [view]
  4. (Petrobras to add value) [view]
  5. (Petrobras presented ) [view]
  6. (Petrobras initiated a Program) [view]
  7. (Petrobras was stimulated ) [view]
  8. (Petrobras to move further) [view]
  9. (Challenges faced by Petrobras) [view]
  10. (Introduction has inspired Petrobras) [view]
  11. (PETROBRAS is the operator) [view]
  12. (PETROBRAS is the operator) [view]
  13. (Petrobras established a program) [view]
  14. (Petrobras called technological lines) [view]
  15. (Petrobras designed ) [view]
  16. (Petrobras developed preliminary projects) [view]
  17. (procedures adopted by Petrobras) [view]
  18. (It also drove Petrobras) [view]
  19. (Petrobras launched PROCAP 3000) [view]
  20. (These aspects motivated PETROBRAS) [view]
  21. (Petrobras constructed a pilot plant at the Petrobras research and development center) [view]
  22. (the subsea equipment used by PETROBRAS) [view]
  23. (GeDIg is a Petrobras corporate initiative) [view]
  24. (PETROBRAS has achieved great success) [view]
  25. (The term was used by Petrobras) [view]
  26. (The term was used by Petrobras) [view]
  27. (Petrobras has its particular challenge) [view]
  28. (Many Petrobras offshore fields were designed ) [view]
  29. (Petrobras to undertake a new Phase) [view]
  30. (Petrobras initiated a test program) [view]