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  1. (This work presents the preliminary results of a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of the variables) [view]
  2. (the variables affecting short circuit metal transfer behavior under hyperbaric conditions) [view]
  3. (The results presented in this study) [view]
  4. (arc plasma instabilities casued by high ambient3 pressures) [view]
  5. (The results presented in this study indicate that) [view]
  6. (the appropriate selection of current rise and fall rates can minimize +6the effects of arc plasma instabilities) [view]
  7. (All the experiments described in this work) [view]
  8. (All the experiments described in this work have been carried out in the 10m 3 test chamber 08 of) [view]
  9. (This is a significant depth) [view]
  10. (it is about the present limit for ambient pressure diving) [view]
  11. (This is a significant depth since it) [view]
  12. (unmanned operations to avoid possible weld defects or inconsistent bead formation) [view]
  13. (the necessary control over arc stability and bead geometry can only be achieved ) [view]
  14. (the factors affecting metal transfer) [view]
  15. (particular attention should be given to those transfer modes with positional capabilities) [view]
  16. (Positional underwater welding with consumable processes) [view]
  17. (Positional underwater welding with consumable processes has been traditionally performed ) [view]
  18. (intermediate transfer forms consisting of varying open arc periods) [view]
  19. (the developments in transistorized welding power supply technology have allowed a better control over metal transfer) [view]
  20. (Such developments have led to an extended range and quality of the GMAW process application at atmospheric conditions) [view]
  21. (atmospheric conditions have been subsequently applied to hyperbaric environments) [view]
  22. (pulsed GMAW is potentially one of the most promising processes for hyperbaric applications) [view]
  23. (some of the fundamental aspects of metal transfer under pulsed conditions at elevated pressures to be clarified before its actual use) [view]
  24. (pulsed GMAW is potentially one of the most promising processes) [view]
  25. (most of the literarture on the hyperbaric use of the GMAW process has concentrated its attention) [view]
  26. (it could be said that on those reports in which the dip transfer has been systematically studied) [view]
  27. (the obtained results described an unstable process prone to a series of operational defects) [view]
  28. (unaceeptab1e weld bead geometric characteristics) [view]
  29. (the dip transfer has been systematically studied those reports) [view]
  30. (This paper is about the application of API RP2A-LRFD (Draft) in the North Sea) [view]