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  1. Management of Occupational Health Offshore: Still a Challenge for the Industry? (GB) [view]
  2. Numerical Simulations of Hydraulic Fracture Link-up of Perforations at Deviated Wellbores (NL) [view]
  3. The Machar Field, Unlocking the Potential of a North Sea Chalk Field (GB) [view]
  4. New Fluosilicic Acid System Removes Deep Clay Damage (NL) [view]
  5. The Multiple Role of Unconventional Drilling Technologies. From Well Design to Well Productivity (NL) [view]
  6. Modification of Two Phase Flow Properties by Adsorbed Polymers and Gels (NL) [view]
  7. Investigation of Proppant-Pack Formation Interface and Relationship to Particulate Invasion (NL) [view]
  8. Kill Procedures to Avoid Formation Damage in the High Rate Gas Wells of an Underground Storage Project (NL) [view]
  9. Competitive Strategies and Strategic Positioning of Oil Companies in the International Oil Business: Theory and Practice in Perspective (US) [view]
  10. Effect of a Wetting Immobile Phase on Diffusion and Macroscopic Dispersion in Unconsolidated Porous Media [view]
  11. Effect of Capillary Forces on Immiscible Displacement in Porous Media (US) [view]
  12. Borehole Stability of Multilateral Junctions () [view]
  13. Effect of Flow Improver on Indian Western Offshore Crude -Carrying Pipe Line: A Case Study (US) [view]
  14. Dynamic Simulation of the Europa and Mars Expansion Projects: A New Approach to Coupled Subsea and Topsides Modeling (US) [view]
  15. Echo-Meter Buildup Tests: The Effects of Fluid Hydraulics and Thermodynamics [view]
  16. Dynamic Multi-parameter Interpretation of Dual-Detector Carbon/Oxygen Measurements [view]
  17. Drilling Cooperatives: One Strategy for Reducing Drilling Cost and Risk (US) [view]
  18. A Dipole Array Sonic Tool for Vertical and Deviated Wells (US) [view]
  19. Dipping-Effect Correction for the High-Definition Induction Logging Tool Using New [view]
  20. Downhole Water Sink (DWS) Completion Enchance OIL Recovery in Reservoirs with Water Coning Problem (US) [view]
  21. The U.K. Offshore Operators Drill Cuttings Initiative: New Ways of Seeking Solutions (GB) [view]
  22. Well Construction, Competency, and the Tay Bridge Disaster (GB) [view]
  23. Synergies between two Neighbouring Major Developments (GB) [view]
  24. Screen Sizing Rules and Running Guidelines to Maximise Horizontal Well Productivity (NL) [view]
  25. Simulation of Fractures Induced by Produced Water Re-Injection in a Multi-Layer Reservoir (NL) [view]
  26. Reversible Invert Emulsion Drilling Fluids: Controlling Wettability and Minimizing Formation Damage (NL) [view]
  27. Scale Management Through Laboratory Analysis and Wellbore Monitoring Surveys (NL) [view]
  28. Role of Polymers on Formation Damage (NL) [view]
  29. Rigless WSO Treatments in Gas Fields. Bullheading Gels and Polymers in Shaly Sand: Italian Case Histories (NL) [view]
  30. Return Permeability: A Detailed Comparative Study (NL) [view]